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Digital Marketing Strategy: Website Design, Image Choice, Visitor Buy Cycle Stages

Website Visitor Engagement: Why Website Design Must Engage Website Visitor Needs At Every Buy Cycle Stage

Website Visitor Engagement: Why Website Design Must Engage Website Visitor Needs At Every Buy Cycle Stage How to choose the right image: Discovering challenges, desires, and motivations   [caption id="attachment_3104" align="alignright" width="500"] Digital Marketing Strategy: Website Design, Image Choice, Buy Cycle[/caption] In my last blog post, I addressed the importance of visual images in helping website visitors move from their current stage in the buy cycle to the next one, no matter which stage they are in when they arrive at your website.   In this post I continue to discussion of addressing the buy cycle stage of your visitors, whether...Read More
Digital Marketing Images Drive Website Design For Measurable Results

Crucial Digital Marketing Role of Visual Images In Creating Website Visitor Engagement

Crucial Digital Marketing Role of Selecting The Right Images For Your Website "Website visitors "read" images faster than copy.  Then the brain make a split second decision whether or not this website holds the promise to meet a need.  If so, a desire to know more is passed along to the conscious mind for further action toward investigation and action." Lonn Dugan, BIG Marketing Solutions LLC OK, so that is my simple theory of cognitive engagement in Digital Marketing.  For another detailed opinion, consider this white paper and infographic from Wordstream... Why are images so important? Humans respond to and...Read More

Can a Sound Marketing Plan Produce Success on Autopilot? 

Can a Sound Marketing Plan Produce Success on Autopilot? Success doesn't happen by accident.  At least not usually!  Most small business owners have a business plan... in their head. Or somewhere around the seat of their pants : ) Doing your business planning or marketing plan in writing is much more powerful than keeping it in your head.  A written plan can be shared, bought into by stakeholders, guide during unexpected events - even if you are not personally involved in day to day decision-making on the front line with supply chain or delivery chain partners.  How do others recognize...Read More
Online Digital Photography Classes

Incredible Freemium Digital Photography Lesson Site with Social Components Ready To Launch!

A client site offering Freemium digital photography membership and an upgrade path to paid video-based photography lessons is ready for soft launch! [caption id="attachment_1229" align="alignright" width="500"] Toledo WordPress Web Site | Photography Classes | Social Features | | Member Profiles | Galleries | Messaging | Collaboration | Free Member Account Functionality & Paid Lesson Options | Nationwide [/caption] We are very proud to announce that is ready for soft launch to fans of digital photography as well as those at any proficiency level from beginner to professional who would like to create a free member profile and gallery, share...Read More
Great Lakes Climate Change Action Corp

Help Me Support Non-Profit #Great #Lakes #Climate #Change #Action Corp?

Climate Change is Real. The Great Lakes is a sensitive ecosystem, especially in the Western Basin of Lake Erie, which supports the most important fishery in the Great Lakes Region! We need to protect our drinking water, the economies that depend on the Great Lakes, and the entire environmental ecosystem involved!  
Marketing Styles In Toledo

The 7 Marketing Styles or Personas: Does Your Team Have Them All Covered?

The 7 Marketing Styles or Personas:  Does Your Team Have Them All Covered? Commentary and Excerpt Re Article in CMO Magazine:  "No Marketer Is An Island: Meet The 7 Personas Of The Modern CMO" Marketing as a discipline these days calls for a broad range of personal styles, temperaments, or personas.  Any CEO, Founder, Small Business Owner, or Marketing Manager may have strengths in more than one area.  But a weak spot can hurt your company's prospects for growth or market leadership.  Does your team have all the functions covered? This article will help you identify where your strengths are, and perhaps...Read More
Toledo SEO Rank Tracking Report

Google Organic SEO Search Rank ~ Page One Accomplishments

[caption id="attachment_735" align="alignright" width="150"] Toledo SEO Rank Tracking Report[/caption] Toledo Website Design & SEO Company Accomplishes Organic SEO Improvement in Less Than One Week! If you need to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) rank in order to get more site visitors, leads, and conversions, we can help you with that!  People often want to know how long SEO work takes to show an improvement in Search Engine SEO Rank. BIG Marketing Solutions is pleased to demonstrate and share the following page one google search rank SEO accomplishments showing Google Page One SEO ~ Top Ten ~ Organic SEO Rank For 10...Read More