SEO Rank and Directory Site Listings: Be Careful!

SEO Rank and Directory Site Listings:  Be Careful!

SEO GraphicAdding your website to legitimate industry directory sites is a good move to create inbound links from sites with ‘related’ content. This alone won’t push your site down, and in fact will raise the volume of your ranking signals to Google. If the squeaky wheel gets the oil, then go ahead and make some noise!

Let’s take a real estate website for example. When desiring to rank, and you add your site to zillow, trulia, etc, through various means, that does help them rank. But they are already where they are in search engine results pages (SERP). You can still get on page one at Google.

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Adding your site to ‘link farms’ that only exist to create inbound links will cost you points in search algorithms, leading to getting penalized in search rank.  This needs to be avoided at any cost.  And never pay for a link if that is basically all you are getting….  There are a lot of schemes and sites out there that will promise you the world and deliver very little or even a negative effect if you list with them.

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