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Why Pay More Than You Have To When You Can Get It All From One Affordable Provider?

Choose BIG Marketing Solutions to design your web site and your web site marketing program will cost less than you might think!  My overhead expenses are lower than the big agencies.  With 20+ years experience in traditional and digital marketing, and 15+ years of experience building web sites for many industries, I have all the skills and talents you will need in order to get a marketing program or web site that generates leads and increase sales!  I build web sites that work, with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Included, to deliver measurable results! We can work together locally or globally by meeting in person, over the phone, or digitally through video chat and screen sharing sessions. 


Website Design, SEO, Consulting & Maintenace Plans From $100 To $1000/mo

Examples: One Hour Consult, $100:  Ten Hours Retainer, $500: Twenty Five Hours Project, $1000

Choose From Opportunity Analysis, Market Research, Keyword Research, Marketing Review and Recommendations Report.  Starter Web Site Design, Site Build or Re-Write, Install / Configure / Review Google Analytics, Install / Configure / Review Google AdWords, Register Google Webmaster Tools, & Register Google Places with Review and Recommendations Report.  Intermediate Web Site Design and Development start with Brand, Image, Value Proposition, Positioning, Messaging, with Review and Recommendations Report. Request Consult

Other Services: Choose from: Advanced Web Site Design and Development, Strategic Planning And Execution, Keyword Research, Site Build, Site Updates, Page Re-Writes, Blogs, Meta Tag Updates, Competitive Analysis, Lead Generation and Conversion Study, PPC Account Management, Monthly Result and Recommendations Report. Request Consult

All Services Include Comprehensive Integrated Marketing Services From Experienced Consultant 

Choose BIG Marketing Solutions and you’ll get creative, expert marketing services from an experienced, professional provider.  Services can be broad or targeted, but always include detailed holistic analysis, strategic recommendations, implementation strategies, and tactical execution based on the 5 “P”s of Marketing:  Product, Price, Place, Promotion and People.

Why not do what you do best, and let me make it easy for you to maximize your own productivity in your business.  Delegate marketing services to me as an outsourced provider to help you grow your brand, image, reach, lead generation, prospect list building, prospect conversions, and sales funnel.

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New Customers Save Up to 50% On First Project.  Refer a Friend Who Becomes A Client And Receive 50% Off Next Project!

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