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Lonn Dugan, Principal, is a Broadly Experienced, Classically Trained, and Formally Educated Marketing Man. 

He has been an industry Pioneer, Entrepreneur, Growth Hacker and Digital Media Marketing / SEO Wizard for over 25 years.  Lonn brings results others can’t because they don’t understand the deeper business process of gaining and keeping customers.  He understands the digital dance during which Google Searchers become site visitors, leads, prospects, and finally customers.  The work requires both art and science in creating and executing SEO and content strategies that work.  Potential roles include outsourced Marketing Consultant, SEO Manager, PPC Manager, Project Manager, WordPress Web Developer, Web Designer, Content Strategist, Copy Writer, Graphic Artist, Video Producer, SEO Manager, Lead Generation Manager, or Visitor Conversion Manager.

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BIG Marketing Solutions LLC is a full-service marketing agency that offers a range of services to help businesses and organizations grow and thrive. Based in the United States, the company is dedicated to delivering innovative and results-driven solutions that meet the unique needs of their unique clients.

Their services include marketing consultation, branding, graphic design, collateral and website design, WordPress development, social media management, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, content creation, and more.

BIG Marketing Solutions LLC works closely with their clients to understand their goals, target audience, and competitive landscape, allowing them to develop effective marketing strategies that drive growth and success.

One of the core values of BIG Marketing Solutions LLC is a commitment to delivering exceptional customer service. They believe in building long-term, collaborative relationships with their clients, and work closely with them to ensure that their marketing efforts are aligned with their business objectives. They pride themselves on their attention to detail, creativity, and responsiveness, and continuously strive to exceed their clients’ expectations.

In addition to their commitment to providing high-quality marketing solutions, BIG Marketing Solutions LLC is also committed to giving back to the community. They have been and are involved in various charitable organizations and initiatives, and are passionate about supporting causes that make a positive impact in their local and global communities.

Overall, BIG Marketing Solutions LLC is a reputable, reliable, and results-driven marketing agency that offers a comprehensive range of services to help businesses and organizations succeed. Their commitment to exceptional customer service and community involvement sets them apart in the competitive marketing industry, making them a trusted partner for companies of all sizes and industries.


Client Reviews Say It For Us!

Lonn brings a wide variety of business experience with traditional and digital marketing to his work for businesses and organizations of all kinds.  Client reviews say it all.  I often hear things like “Damn You’re Good” and “Wow That Was Fast”. 

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What I Can Help You With

Analytical and Strategic Digital / Online / Traditional Marketing Leader is passionate about delivering measurable results to attain or maintain category leadership.  I can help you develop or clarify your Visual Identity, Image, Brand, Collateral Design & Value Proposition.  I specialize in SEO and Local Search Marketing, Keyword Selection, Google Rank Tracking and Rank Improvement, Web Design and Development, Social Media Marketing, Copy Writing, Content Strategies, Sales Stories, Multimedia Production, Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, and all aspects of Marketing.

Skills & Experience

Strategic Analysis, Planning and Implementation, Google Page One Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) with or without Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns to Increase Website Traffic and Lead Generation, Google Analytics and Adwords,

Case Studies:

Consulted, Developed, Designed, and Launched Website, SEO, and Google Adwords Campaign for Painting Contractor who had no work lined up.  Within a few weeks he booked $30,000 in business and had to start turning down work because he was scheduled so far in advance.

Consulted, Developed Keyword List and SEO Strategy for Home Inspection Company.  Edited Pre-Existing Website, and Created SEO Focused Doorway Site linking to main site.  Accomplished Google Page One Rank for top search phrases for nearby major metropolitan markets.  Client reports that business is up 75% so far this year.

Improved Print and Online Marketing for a Mortgage Bank.  Cut Print Spending by 75% while increasing Lead Generation by 50%.  Developed Collateral, Designed Website, Managed Adwords Campaign, Managed Salesforce CRM and Drip Email Campaign. Client was very happy!

Created and Launched Integrated, 3 Screen, 24-Hour Real Estate Channel for Buckeye CableSystem. Created TV+WEB+MOBILE Applications with Back Office Accounting and Billing System to Produce Television Ads, Web Video, and & Mobile Search Application with Mobile Video Streaming. Worked With Video Editors To Developed Process to Accomplish Semi-automated Build of :30 TV Spots in About 2 Minutes of Production Time.

Created and Managed all Product and Package Design, Led New Product Launches, Line Extensions, Market Communication Efforts Including PR, Brand, Collateral, Advertising and Operations for Rapid Growth in Health and Beauty Product Manufacturing.  Accomplished Category Leadership in Multiple Categories and 70% Share in U.S. Market.  Managed International Markets.

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