Toledo, OH:  Tanning Salon Industry Fights Cancer Scare Story With Facts, Ask FDA To Silence Detractors.


Tanning salon associations point out that skin cancer scare story is not only bad science, it is not even science. The tanning industry fights back after SUNBUSTERS attack sunlamp tanning with cancer scare story, pointing out that the study is so poorly done that it is not only poor science but does not deserve to be called science.

The anti tanning media blitz was arranged right before an FDA regulatory meeting regarding sunlamp regulations in Washington DC last week. Tanning Industry Members were en route to Rockville, MD to participate in FDA Regulatory Conference when news media outlets were bombarded with a well orchestrated cancer scare story, timed to break right before the meeting opened.

SunTanning.com spokesperson, Lonn Dugan, say it is all part of a monopolistic marketing conspiracy. Doctors can charge $60 for a “Light Therapy Session” he notes, while tanning salons deliver essentially the same thing for about $6.

SunTanning.com was founded in 1997 to improve the public image of tanning, improve professional communication between industry members, and to provide professional education for the tanning industry, The web based organization represents over 1000 members.

Dugan presented, on behalf of SunTanning.com’s 1000+ members, at the FDA sunlamp regulatory meeting. SunTanning.com praised FDA decisions to date and asked FDA to take action to silence doctors who he says are making ill founded and slanderous claims about tanning salons.


Suntanning.com presents at FDA regulatory meeting, praises regulatory work by FDA, then calls on FDA to silence medical groups who spread cancer scare for profit. These SunBusters arranged an Anti-Tanning Media Blitz right before the meeting. “The timing was intentional, probably intended to sway the opinion of the regulators as much as the public”, says Lonn Dugan, founder of SunTanning.com. Dugan called a press conference immediately following FDA Regulatory Meeting, in Rockville, Maryland at 4:00 PM, February 8, 2002, to discuss the news reports.

Tanning detractors, affectionately called Sunbusters (after the hapless ghostbusters), used the event as an opportunity to release a bogus study that claimed patrons of tanning salons were 2.5 times more likely to develop skin cancer than persons who did not use tanning salons. The study is described as bogus by industry members because it was improperly conducted, poorly controlled, and even admits that its own results are statistically meaningless. Spokespersons for Industry associations TSO and ITA agree that the study is meaningless. Don Smith of TSO says it is so full of holes that it is a “Swiss Cheese” study.

Tanning salon industry members were conducting themselves as professionals while meeting with FDA officials during a scheduled regulatory affairs conference. In addition to improving the regulations for the industry, salon owners want to fight bad science and bad press.

Suntanning.com sent a press release to Washington DC News Stations saying, “This is bad science. It’s not even science.” He continues his defense of the industry now, saying “We have better science that shows health benefits. They did some interviews and called it science. The real shame is that Journalists don’t think deeply about what they print when this happens. Dugan says that the doctors are misinformed by their associations, or that they are actually conspiring to hurt business at tanning salons because they can charge 10 times what salons charge for UV “Light Therapy” treatments. I might go further and argue that these white coated SunBusters are a loosely knit, but single body, acting in violation of U.S. Federal Law regarding monopolies by acting to restrain free trade. They seem to be intent on harming our industry to improve their sales. They are exercising improper influence on government agencies, while they simultaneously lobby against our ability to use good science in telling our story.”

Dugan also says, “There are many good scientific studies demonstrating that sunlight can prevent breast cancer, colo-rectal cancer and osteoporosis.” Many more people die from these diseases than from skin cancer. Good supporting evidence for these claims can be found at the web site, http://www.suntanning.com

Our message would save far more lives than the SUNBUSTERS can save with their skin cancer message. In fact, there is an excellent study done for the U.S. Navy, by a Dr. C. Garland, that proves that sunlight actually prevents the only kind of skin cancer that is deadly.

Other health benefits include cardiovascular and muscle toning benefits. Ancient Greek Participants in the Olympic Games understood this, and exercised nude in the sun to improve the result of physical training!

Industry members would like to share the health benefits of tanning with the media to counteract bad science and bad press distributed by the Sunbusters. But U.S. Law says they are forbidden from doing this. “Guess who sponsored that law”, Dugan asks?    “SunBusters!”

Suntanning.com is a web community site founded by Dugan in 1997 to work on improving the public image of the tanning salon industry while serving to improve communication in a manner that contributes to the professional growth of the tanning salon industry. The web community has over 1000 members registered and is currently growing at a rate of almost 100 members per month. Sister sites are Tanlovers.com and TanningProfessionals.com

For more information contact Lonn Dugan at 1-866-TANNERS

Further information can be found at Suntanning.com

Media Taken for Fools !

SunBusters Up to Old Tricks, using numbers to tell lies… Media swallowing camels whole…

Interviewing 500 People who live in one state about a medical history is not a study. It is a PR event. It is not bad science, it is not even science.

The study released last week said tanning salons increased skin cancer risks by factor of 2.5. But the study was not properly controlled for diet or heridity. Besides, epidemiologists say an increase of less than 3 in this kind of study is statistically INSIGNIFICANT !

I could prove that breathing causes death with an interview based study, or that sex causes divorce….

THIS IS NOT SCIENCE ! Maybe we should do a “STUDY” about death rates among persons who had visited a Geriatric Medicine clinic to prove that visiting such a clinic will increase your chances of death by a factor of 10 in the next 12 months…. The fact that people die without going to such a clinic would, of course, be data that is not consequential to the study, so we would not have to consider that material. Oh yeah, how about if we throw out the high and low scores, limiting the data we use to the one part that supports our hypothesis…

What is really sad is that more or less educated persons, (JOURNALISTS) are swallowing these lies and repeating them without doing any critical thinking.

AMAZING ! Some day, a good journalist will dig into this story and the truth will come out. Then more people will tan at salons and more people will be healthy!

The Sun Is Good For You !

At SunTanning.com, we say “Today is a good day to be healthy and tan !” sm