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digital marketing toledoEffective SEO Service Brings More Web Traffic!

Includes Keyword Analysis In Category, SEO Keyword Research In Company Strengths or Desired Target Audiences.

A Content Strategy Produces SEO Keyword Implementation That Generates Measurable Results!

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Affordable WordPress SEO | SEM 

Many freelancers and agencies quote $100+ per hour for the kind of work I do.  I charge less than half that rate!

I am every bit as good as any at what I do ( WordPress & SEO ) but my overhead is low and I don’t live in a big city so my rates are affordable. No job too big and no job too small.

The right content strategy with in-depth keyword research, keyword analysis, and keyword implementation can get Google page one search rank for your website for the right keywords. We do it all the time!  No affordable competitor comes close!  If you would like me to do this kind of organic search engine optimization SEO for your company or organization, I can help you with that!

One Time Services:  

Audit Report, Keyword Research and Home Page Update

  • Effective Home Page SEO Review and Update Recommendations from $100

  • Thorough SEO Review of Home Page and Technical SEO Factors, Update Recommendations, Implementation from $200

SEO Google Rank Number One Global Scale

SEO Google Rank Number One On Global Scale

Ongoing Monthly Programs:

Performance Review, Analytics Review, Traffic and User Behavior Monitoring With Progress Reports, Regular Updates To SEO Work for Continual Rank Improvement

  • Bronze: Basic but Thorough Monthly SEO Review and Update from $100/month

  • Silver: Better Monthly SEO Review and Update from $200/month

  • Gold:  Weekly SEO Review and Update.  Tell me what you want… the sky is the limit.  I am good. This is real work. Results are worth it.   From $400/mo 

Other:  I Can Work With Any Budget as Long as Goals are Reasonable.

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