What Is The BEST Size SEO Agency To Get YOU On Page One at Google?

What Is The BEST Size SEO Agency To Get YOU On Page One at Google?

What Is The BEST Size SEO Agency for YOUR Company

to Get You On Google Page One Search Results?

Spoiler Alert: I think small SEO agencies do better work.  Here’s Why:

Large agencies are slower, cost more, and assign the work to mediocre hacks for the most part.

“Eagles Don’t Flock” Maybe you have heard this before?

The bigger the SEO agency, the more salespeople they have to employ

  • Don’t get me wrong.  I love and respect great salespeople.
  • But on the other hand, Great salespeople are as hard to find as great SEO Guys 😉
  • Salespeople face a high temptation to promise things that cannot be delivered in order to collect the commission check
  • Salespeople cost money, driving up the cost without improving results

The bigger the SEO agency, the slower the work progresses, and the more it costs.

Most of the time, One guy who knows what he is doing can outperform an army of mediocre hacks.

Read that again, please!

Great SEO Guys in a big agencies are like Indy Race Cars trapped in rush hour traffic in a big city.  All their power is useless in that kind of traffic.

The very best SEO guys are not usually working in a large agency because the environment is toxic to actually producing the outcome or work product that the customer wants.

Most of the best SEO guys work alone.  They are not really that hard to find, just google “organic SEO” and your city name…  eg: Organic SEO Toledo or some of the search phrases shown in graphic below.

Lonn Dugan, Principal



Oh, Yeah… I AM One of Those SEO Guys.  Proof Shown Below!





Here’s More Proof!


PS… I am not “ONLY” effective at SEO in Toledo.

Here is what I did for a client serving a Huge Market in Africa!


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