Sample PowerPoint Presentation By BIG Marketing Solutions

Full Disclosure: ¬†I am no longer at 5/3 Bank, and This PowerPoint was not authorized by corporate. But it is a good demonstration of PowerPoint Skills ūüôā Mortgage transformation 15 from Lonn Dugan

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Facebook For Professionals

Example Educational PowerPoint for Live Training or Web Site PowerPoint: Facebook For Business from Lonn Dugan

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Marketing Genius in a LinkedIn Article. You Decide

A new article on, link below, says that the best way to becoming rich and successful is to become the best you do at one thing. ¬†We couldn’t agree more, that’s why we are glad to share that there is nobody in Toledo Ohio, or anywhere else in the world that can get an SEO optimized web site up and running faster than we…

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Self Promotion: Learn From the Original Master!

P.T, Barnum was a master at self promotion. Phineas Taylor (P.T.) Barnum was one of America‚Äôs greatest entrepreneurs. His strategies might be exactly what you need to grow your business. Barnum invented many marketing methods that modern business schools continue to study his techniques. He was one of the first adopters of many aspects of marketing which are widely known today. ¬†Here are just a…

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Lessons from Yahoo: Incremental Change Doesn’t Work

Market Leadership Myths: In the “olden days”, companies and corporations were urged to move slowly when they made changes. ¬†After all, it takes a long time to turn a big ship, right? ¬†Change is difficult, right? ¬†A leader who moved too fast could end up too far ahead of the organization and end up losing engagement with followers, right? Market Leadership Truth In the digital…

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What is Marketing?

What is Marketing? An old story based on asking seven blind men to describe an elephant after encountering a small part of the elephant by touch demonstrates the idea that understanding something in part is not the same as understanding it in full.¬† Perhaps you have heard the story?¬†It goes something like this: One blind man was led to the side of the elephant, so…

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Digital Marketing Perspectives

Digital Marketing Perspectives I was thinking about the veritable blizzard of “How-to-do-digital-marketing” articles online when a recent snowfall blanketed our city in white. ¬†Many people took pictures.¬† But most of them looked the same.¬† It’s easy to get a feel for what a lot of snow looks like in a wide shot. ¬†Yes, snow is white.¬†There is no doubt about it.¬†¬†But I found that the…

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