What’s the Biggest Challenge To Getting Your Website Ranked on Google?

Getting Website Ranked on Google

What’s the Biggest Challenges To Getting Your Website Ranked On Google?

What’s the Biggest Challenge To Getting Your Website Ranked on Google?

Keyword selection is the biggest challenge to getting your website to rank on Google searches.

People don’t necessarily search for your products or services using the words used in your industry.

The first step is the hardest. You have to determine which keywords and keyword phrases are used the most by searchers who are actually prospects who might convert once they land on your website. Some searchers are not looking to engage or buy but are just doing a quick “drive by” to read and learn.

In competitive industries you may need to start with long tail keywords and then work up to the more desired ones. This is because, with the current algorithms at Google, sites with little traffic don’t have a chance getting page one for highly competitive keywords.

Once you get some traffic going, with a long tail strategy, you can swim with the sharks.

Constant attention to tweaking your meta tags, titles, and descriptions over time is the next hardest part. Over time, as you refine your keyword list, and start landing on page one at Google, you will also want to refine the meta description to make your site more inviting for the right clicks.

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