Google Adwords Clickthrough Rate

digital marketing, online marketingOur own Google Adwords Clickthrough rate is improving.  What about yours?  If we can do it for ourself we can do it for YOU!

Your AdWords Ad can outperform those who bid more, and rank higher when SEO and AdWords are done in hamony.

In fact, Good SEO can allow your AdWords Ad to rank higher than those who bid twice as much.  The seccet is to get a high Adwords Quality Score for your Google AdWords ad!  The image at right shows actual improvement for a client in Website Traffic.

We can help you with SEO and Google Adwords PPC Advertising.  Ask Is how!

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Your top-performing keywords and ad

Keyword Clicks CTR CPC
1 website websites 4 2.94% $2.02
2 wordpress designer 3 2.50% $5.95
3 design a website 2 1.80% $4.35
4 custom wordpress theme design services 1 33.33% $3.81
5 website programmer 1 7.69% $3.77
6 wp site designer 1 5.00% $4.99
7 internet design 1 3.12% $3.18
8 custom wordpress 1 2.86% $3.56
9 website and design 1 2.56% $1.13
10 website design in wordpress 1 1.92% $3.03