How To Choose the Best SEO Provider for Your Business?

How To Choose the Best SEO Provider for Your Business?

What is the Best SEO Provider for Your Business?

How Do You Choose?

The best SEO service provider is one that can rank their own website for search terms like organic SEO, organic SEO provider, or organic SEO service. You might want to also spell out SEO as Organic Search Engine Optimization.

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SEO for Nationwide or Global Audiences

If your audience is nationwide or global, then the best SEO provider may be the one who can rank their own website at top of Search Engine Results Page (SERP) with no qualifiers. Good search queries might include:

  • organic seo
  • organic search engine optimization
  • organic seo provider
  • organic search engine optimization provider
  • organic seo service
  • organic search engine optimization service

However, you should be advised that most of the sites that rank for nationwide or global markets are going to charge two arms and one leg.  Chances are good that a provider who ranks well in local audience searches listed below may also have some proof of performance in larger niche markets as well on either a national or even global scale.  I do, and you can ask for proof!

SEO for Local Search Marketing & Competitive Markets

If your audience is local, and/or if the market for your product or service is very competitive, then it is better to add qualifiers like city name, or industry and city name. I am in Toledo Ohio so I could search as follows:

    • organic seo in toledo
    • organic seo provider in toledo
    • organic seo service in toledo ohio
    • local search marketing in toledo
    • local search marketing in toledo ohio

SEO for Niche Markets

If you are in a specific industry that is highly competitive, for instance, if in the real estate business, you might include the industry in your search as shown in the following keyword search phrases (and also try spelling out Search Engine Optimization instead of the initials SEO):

  • organic seo for real estate website in toledo
  • organic seo provider for real estate website in toledo ohio
  • organic seo service for real estate in toledo
  • local search marketing for real estate websites in toledo
  • local search rank service for real estate websites in toledo ohio

Putting It All Together

If you search using several of the keyword phrases shown for your situation, then the results will be at least a little different for each search. But there will usually be one SEO provider who ranks highly, over and over, in most of the searches.

SEO Graphic


That’s the one SEO Service Provider that is best for you!

How Do I Know?

I know these things because I have ranked my own sites offering SEO services on google page one search results over and over.

For example: searching any of the suggested keyword phrases shown above including the city of Toledo, and/or the industry of real estate will produce my own websites over and over again.  Some of them are:

If your potential SEO provider cannot rank themselves, then do not listen to any sales pitches. Just keep searching until you find one that consistently ranks their own website for relevant search terms related to search engine optimization in your industry or your city.