Dugan Delivers!

Digital Marketing Wizard Lonn Dugan at BIG Marketing Solutions is a formally educated, classically trained, and experienced Entrepreneur, Project Manager, Marketing Executive, Consultant, Analyst, Designer, Content Strategist, Copy Writer, Graphic Artist, Webmaster, and Web Developer.  

He brings a wide variety of business experience with traditional and digital marketing to his work for businesses and organizations of all kinds.  Client reviews say it all.  Opportunity analysis, strategic planning, excellent execution, on time delivery – and under budget.  

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Excellence Forged From Over 25 Years Experience

Category leadership in multiple industries has been accomplished locally and globally.  

Virtual One Man Band Reduces Your Cost

Lonn’s Depth and Breadth of experience, talent, and skills make him as valuable as any big team. But a lower overhead means lower costs.  

No Middle Men:  Deal Directly With The Agency Owner  

Lonn Dugan provides clients with a direct connection to a small business owner who understands your world.  There are no designers, no programmers, no salesmen here.  One man is completely capable of doing the job, start to finish – saving clients time and money!  Everybody wins!  

Talk To Lonn Before You Pay Too Much To Somebody Else

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