Local Search Marketing in a Global Village

What is the role of Local Search Marketing in a Global Village?

SEO Search Engine Marketing in a Global VillageIt’s a Great Big Small World After All

It’s exciting to think about the ability to sell products or services online to far-flung places in our global village on the big blue marble we call Planet Earth.

If your company can benefit from the opportunity and deliver meaningful value in spite of the distance involved, then the Internet provides one of the most economical and powerful ways to communicate with the market and solicit orders.

If you can deliver products or services worldwide, then your web site can help you get the word out!

Local SEO, Local Search MarketingBut, What if Your Customers Are Local?

Local Search Marketing works a lot like any other online marketing, with a few key differences.

But because the target is not the whole world, specialized methods are used to make the web site visible in search engines at a much lower cost than the kind of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) employed by larger companies.

Local listings service will make sure your site comes up on directories of local providers as shown by Google and other search engines at or near the top of most search result pages.

Local SEO, Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing LocalHow To Get Your Company On The Map

Adding a Google Business Page and getting a Local Places listing on the biggest search engine of them all will put you on the local sources lists and maps offered by services such as Google Places.  When you google a product or service, the results include Pay Per Click (PPC) ads at the top of the search result, followed generally by a list of local providers and a map to their location.  Of course, there is a little more to it than this, but without taking these steps the other SEO work done will be limited in ability to get you on page one at Google.

What About Yahoo, Bing, and Other Local Service Directories?

The more you can get listed on legitimate local directories, the better.  But if your company name, address, hours, services, products, and phone numbers are not the same on all these sites, most search engines will discount the results.  Their algorithms assume that such a lack of organization indicates a lack of focus and low ability to manage your message – meaning your company may not be the best one for the search engine to rank highly.

Local Search Marketing, Local SEO, Website Design, Digital Marketing, Toledo Local Search Marketing, Toledo OhioAll In One Online Listing Management

It’s a lot of work to try to manage all your company listings all over the Internet. Fortunately, there are ways that a good digital marketing or online marketing expert can help you look like a totally organized and focused company by using professional tools that act as authoritative all in one local business information sources for most of the local directories that are available.

Next Steps

Having your site name, site description, meta tags, page titles, keywords, alt img tags, image descriptions, and content highlighting the right search keywords will provide the lift you need to get even better natural or organic search engine results.  You could try to learn how to do all this, but that would probably distract you from doing what you do best in your business.  If you have never used a professional search engine optimization service, then maybe it is time?  If you know one, call one today!  If you don’t, then maybe we should talk?  I am pretty good at getting Google Page One for my clients.  And couldn’t you use your time more effectively to generate sales and profits if the leads were coming in faster?  What would that be worth?

Author:  Lonn Dugan
Principal at BIG Marketing Solutions
Learn More At http://bigmarketingsolutions.com

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Why My Websites and Digital Marketing Services Cost Less And Launch Fast

So… You Think It’s Time to Update Your Website?

You know how you always want your web site to work better at generating leads and converting prospects into customers?  And you realize that it’s time to do something about it?

So you call a big web design company.  Their sales guy wows you with all their creative talent, graphic designers, backend developers, user experience professionals, SEO gurus, and content strategists.  Maybe they impress you by showing you photos and biographies of all those people.  Then the sales guy tells you what you need and how well they can do it.

It sounds really good until they quote the work for you website and tell you it will take 3 months to launch.  Then you realize that if you say yes, then you have to explain your business all over again to all those other people.  And that you will be paying for all those people and all the overhead the company has.

Here’s The BIG Marketing Solution Difference:

A one man digital marketing agency can cut through all that.  You will get an affordable price and a fast launch because my years of experience allow me to provide the complete skill set without paying all those other folks.  It’s that simple.  My clients get what they want, they get it fast, and they save money too!


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Trends in Search Marketing / PPC for 2016: TRULY GOOD DIGITAL MARKETERS TO BENEFIT

Search Engine Marketing Google LogoSearch Engines Haven’t Changed All That Much…

Search Engines attempt to do the same thing today that they have always done.  They have always wanted to present the best, most on target, relevant results to end users. This is nothing new.  To date, most new algorithms were generally extensions of the old ones focused on eliminating the exploits of those who would game the system, and trying to do a better job of understanding exactly what the searcher’s intent and need might be.

But in 2016, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Will Make Search Engines Much Better!

What will be different in 2016, at least at Google, is that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be implemented as tools to improve the delivery of the desired search result. Google will be looking wider and deeper before posting search results. Artificial intelligence may help them evaluate search intent to provide exactly what is wanted. Is the searcher merely curious? Are they seriously researching? Are they comparison shopping? Are they ready to pull the trigger and become a buyer?  Are they a brand fan just wanting to share in the fun of being a brand fan?

If Google gets better at this, then the search results will favor marketers who are already segmenting audiences by contact intent and delivering engaging messages at every step in the buying process.

Smarter Search Engines Will Reward Better Marketers
Instead of Forcing Marketers to Guess and Test Search Algorithms.

In the big scheme of things, SEO folks should report to Digital Marketing folks, who should be reporting to Senior Marketing Leaders.  All Marketers should already be highly focused on telling brand and product stories with words and images that engage the target audience at specific buying cycle points and interest levels. Then they should be supplying value propositions, positioning statements, and differentiating copy that fans the flames of fandom. The best marketers are already focused on customer experience.  If a master of marketing is in charge then all of this intent should flow from the top and the brand should be a winner as Google will get better at understanding the intent of the person searching, and at presenting marketers on page one search results who are notably engaged in the pursuit of excellence in creating customer satisfaction.

In other words, SEO Trends in 2016 will be business as usual, only better if you are already running your business like a marketer instead of a bean counter!  Yes, businesses exist to make a profit.  But first, you have to find, woo, engage, and convert customers with an experience that they want to repeat and share with friends!  Do these things right and Google will know, giving your company better search engine placement or lower cost per click on PPC programs!


Lonn Dugan, President
BIG Marketing Solutions LLC

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How To Get Page One At Google

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Marketing Genius in a LinkedIn Article. You Decide

Online MarketingA new article on linkedin.com, link below, says that the best way to becoming rich and successful is to become the best you do at one thing.  We couldn’t agree more, that’s why we are glad to share that there is nobody in Toledo Ohio, or anywhere else in the world that can get an SEO optimized web site up and running faster than we can.  Serving Toledo Ohio and the world!

Get Google Page One without paying and arm and a leg!  How?  Because a Renaissance man  with all the skills you need can do all the work without paying a team of designers, copy writers and user interface or front end developer folks. I do it all and you save $.

See www.BigMarketingSolutions.com

Read More:  http://www.inc.com/jeff-haden/11-secrets-to-becoming-rich-successful-and-happy.html?cid=em01015week51a


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Self Promotion: Learn From the Original Master!

AT0505-Picture-108-barnum-and-bailey-Poster-PTP.T, Barnum was a master at self promotion.

Phineas Taylor (P.T.) Barnum was one of America’s greatest entrepreneurs.

His strategies might be exactly what you need to grow your business.

Barnum invented many marketing methods that modern business schools continue to study his techniques. He was one of the first adopters of many aspects of marketing which are widely known today.  Here are just a few highlights:

  • Started a traveling show that would later become the Barnum & Bailey (now Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey) circus. “The greatest show on earth”
  • Traveled from city to city by train, delighting millions of people looking for some entertainment.
  • Successfully promoted an international opera star in front of a new audience in the United States, where she was completely unknown.
  • Labeled a five-year old child with dwarfism “Tom Thumb,” made him an international icon, and arranged for him to meet with Queen Victoria.
  • Opened the American Museum in New York City, featuring thousands of curiosities and attractions which brought in around 400,000 visitors a year (a huge number for the mid 1800s!)
  • Wrote a book about building wealth called The Art of Money Getting, a surprisingly good read with some solid advice and not the get rich quick schemes you’d expect.
    Read More From Corey Pemberton

What about your business?  Could you use some help?  Consider Self Promoting in the Digital Marketing Age following the ideas of PT Barnum!  If you know somebody who can help you with this, call them today!  If you don’t – I can help you with that!

Copyright 2015 BIG Marketing Solutions
Lonn Dugan, President and One Man Marketing Band
Learn more at www.BigMarketingSolutions.com


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Lessons from Yahoo: Incremental Change Doesn’t Work

Digital MarketingMarket Leadership Myths:

In the olden days, companies and corporations were urged to move slowly when the made changes.  After all it takes a long time to turn a big ship, right?  Change is difficult, right?  A leader who moved too fast could end up too far ahead of the organization and end up losing engagement with followers, right?

Market Leadership Truth

In the digital age, many of these sayings are no longer true. In fact, there is a new term in use these days that predicts success based on how ‘disruptive’ a company or technology is.  Some companies today still attempt to inflict tight control on behavior of the rank and file, and make sure the company does not move too fast.  This rarely produces market leadership.   Lessons from Yahoo indicate that slow won’t grow.

This article was inspired by Russell Raath and his great article posted on linkedin today…

“If you’re trying to build yourself… to a marquee internet brand, you need to make bold plays, smart investment decisions, and follow through with exceptional execution.” read more > https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/yahoo-incremental-change-doesnt-work-russell-raath 

Market Leadership Action Steps

Why not loosen up, speed things up, reward marketing managers for bold initiative, and reap the reward of having a fully actualized work force?

Where to start?  A good SWOT analysis can act as a pin on a map to illustrate where you are now.  Good goals illustrate where you want to be in the future.  Clarify vision, produce strategic plans, pay attention to branding and messaging.  Then….. if it is not working… REPLACE YOUR WEB SITE with something that propels you toward your goals.  Every sale start with a lead.  The single greatest lead generating asset a modern business can have is a functional and engaging web site with SEO efforts that produce top rank in search engines.  Perhaps a proper PPC campaign will show good ROI as well.  If you want to lead your market, you cannot just put a toe in the water and update your web site in small steps.  Jump in!  Make a splash! Make some noise!  Get really wet! “The bold shall inherit the digital world (Charles Brite, 2015).”

Copyright 2015, Lonn Dugan
President, BIG Marketing Solutions
Learn more at www.BigMarketingSolutions.com




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Content Marketing is Ding Dong Dead

Web SitesTextual Content Marketing is Ding Dong Dead if it arrives without visual content.

Long Live VISUAL Content Marketing.  Photos, infographics, memes, illustrations, and videos are just a few forms of visual content that are having a huge impact on the way people consume information.

All of these visual assets will only continue to grow in importance over the next few years. Just look at these 11 eye-popping statistics on how content and technology are changing humans… Read More

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What is Marketing?

Seven wise men were gathered to answer the question, What is Marketing?Digital Marketing Toledo

  • One said it was a soft discipline and a waste of time (bzzz)
  • One said, Advertising (bzzz).
  • One said, Sales (bzzz).
  • One said it was a business philosophy focused on customer satisfaction (maybe).
  • One said it is the activity that discovers and exploits trends in market desires (Well… OK)
  • One said cleverly, it is the result of opportunity analysis followed up with complete alignment of Product, Price, Place, Promotion, and People to create a value and attract and increase sales using coordinated and purposeful Branding, Identity, Image and Copy Styles, Collateral, Value Propositions, Positioning Statements, Advertising, Public Relations, Print Advertising, Sales Promotions, Trade Shows, Online Marketing, SEO, PPC, aided by competitive benchmarking and consumer opinion study, with a corporate commitment to outstanding execution of communication, engagement, delivery and customer experience, driven by desire for continual improvement following constant study of Customer Feedback, Business Metrics, Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, and Analytic metrics(better).
  • One pulled out his android phone and said, OK Google… what is Marketing, read the Wikipedia Article, and said it was all the above and more (ding ding ding!)

Marketing is an interdisciplinary practice of art and science connecting and exploiting knowledge from among subgroups of interdisciplinary forms of art and science.  Most company leaders are better managers than marketers.  Some are good at parts of it but few executives or companies do it as well as they can.

If you are not leading your field with a number 1, 2, or 3 Market Share, and the value of a sale is significant, then professional help could make a dramatic impact on your top line, and your bottom line.  If you know a marketing professional, call them now, share this article, and ask them to help you take your game to the next level!

If you don’t know who to call, or want a second opinion, I can help you with this!

Lonn Dugan ~ Marketing Consultant ~ Proven Market Leader

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Digital Marketing Perspectives

I waDigital Marketings thinking about the veritable blizzard of “How-to-do-digital-marketing” articles online when a recent snowfall blanketed our city in white.  Many people took pictures.  It’s easy to get a feel for what a lot of snow looks like in a wide shot.  Yes, snow is white. There is no doubt about it. But I found that the real beauty, as in the photo at right, was found by taking a close-up look at the details. The beauty of digital marketing is in the details as well.

Digital Marketing tips and advice found online could blanket several states if printed, and still leave you wondering what to do next.  In the big picture view, the digital marketing basics include getting a domain name with the right keywords in it. Potential customers are probably not searching for your company by name.  Do you know what they are typing into the search engines?  Your domain name should include the most popular search terms (keywords).

Next, you can optimize your meta description, keywords, and page titles around the same keywords.  Start the home page with a sentence that is rich in the same keywords.  Use the keywords several times in the first paragraph, because it is the most important for search rank.  A high frequency of keywords accomplishes something called keyword density.  Post articles on social media and blog sites using keywords in titles and copy to get high quality inbound links.  These are all good steps.  Almost as easy as taking a picture of snow blanketing a landscape.  But we have barely scratched the surface of digital marketing.  The beauty and results come from a deep understanding of and appreciation of a closer look.

Digital marketing efforts comes in all sizes from snowflakes to blizzards.  It takes a real pro to understand and prioritize the opportunities, then implement effectively and efficiently – step by step – with measurable results.  If you are not happy with your digital marketing results, and if you are tired of reading about how easy it is, then perhaps it’s time to get professional help.  I can help you with that!

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